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[sticky post] Happy World Theater Day!

May your work be com­pel­ling and ori­ginal. May it be pro­found, touch­ing, con­tem­plat­ive, and unique. May it help us to reflect on the ques­tion of what it means to be human, and may that reflec­tion be blessed with heart, sin­cer­ity, candor, and grace. May you over­come adversity, cen­sor­ship, poverty and nihil­ism, as many of you will most cer­tainly be obliged to do.

“May you be blessed with the tal­ent and rigor to teach us about the beat­ing of the human heart in all its com­plex­ity, and the humil­ity and curi­os­ity to make it your life’s work. And may the best of you — for it will only be the best of you, and even then only in the rarest and briefest moments — suc­ceed in fram­ing that most basic of ques­tions, ‘how do we live?’ Godspeed

-John Malkovich's Address


Yet somehow, I found this article more interesting.


Don't know how I feel about this

Disclaimer: First word problems and mild melodrama ahead.

So back in 2011, I bought two pairs of super-duper comfy, adorable, furry arm-warmers. This past fall (2013), I started work at an arts organization and made a habit of wearing my furry arm-warmers every day because I finally could! I was surrounded by people who dressed funky and uniquely, so I wouldn't get strange looks. In fact, some people even asked about them.

In November, I forgot a pair on the bus and lost them forever. I was - and am - very sad because I'm a possessive, materialistic crazy-person. But of the two, they were also my favorite since they were black and therefore matched everything.

I've been contemplating buying a new, replacement pair and finally got around to looking into it since the store I bought them from is having an anniversary sale. I now find that I can order a pair from the same store for 18$. However, looking back at my records, I paid 22.50$ for *two* back in 2011 (they were on clearance for 10$ each - the new pair on sale is a slightly different style since of course they've stopped making the ones I loved, 2 years later).

I can't tell if I should be thrilled that my bus mishap only "cost" me 11.25$ or disappointed that a replacement pair is twice the price (and probably less awesome than the original).

Wah wah.


The job posting (administrator/analyst) I was SUPER INCREDIBLY STOKED FOR has been taken down.

It wasn't even up for a week. Bah!

I probably should have read the "Apply By" date closer, or spent some time during my leisurely-weekend-of-doing-NOTHING-AT-ALL focusing on that. Needless to say, I'm super disappointed.

New for 2013-’14 Academic Year – Course Conflicts are not permitted
Regulation 1.2 of the 2013-’14 Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar restricts undergraduate and special students from registering in course timetable conflicts. This includes conflicts occurring between lectures, laboratories and tutorials.
Now If a student attempts to register in a course which has a time conflict, a warning message will appear in the warning column of their registration worksheet. If they do not adjust their schedule, they will receive an “Error Message” when they proceed to registration as follows:
Example: “This course conflicts with: FYSM 1900B. University regulation prohibits time conflicts.”
Questions? Please contact the Registrar’s Office.

My question is, how did it ever take THIS long to make this happen?!?

Good Day/s At Work

Finally, some awesome times at the office. Two consecutive days of no co-worker and no boss. Plus, I got my ENTIRE WEEK'S To Do list done today between the hours of 9-10AM (that gives you an idea of my workload) so now I can slack off (or work on personal projects) without feeling _too_ guilty. I still have long term projects I should work on but eh, I'm going to enjoy the peace, quiet, and lull while I have it. There's way too much drama going on in this place, so days where I don't have to interact with or actively avoid anyone feel like a little slice of heaven. :)
Going to go write a novel now. Cheerios!

What does this say about me...

My favorite female character in a musical was:

Victoria from CATS as a child because she was pretty, quiet, elegant, and innocent
Mimi from RENT as a teenager because she was sexy, confident, conflicted, and edgy.
Evita from EVITA now because she's strong, bitchy, conniving, and manipulative.

What kind of person am I becoming? :S

Stupid Bell Canada Technicians

Wake up today, go about my morning routine, about to get dressed and leave for work when the door knocks. (I hear a knock on the door, for all you grammar freaks out there who are telling me that doors don't knock themselves :P) Hurriedly put on pants, open the door, it's a Bell Technician here to fix my Internet. And he's 20 minutes earlier than when I expected him to be here, but I guess that's good.

Not so good is that he walks in ready to check all the jacks in my unit. I get pissy at him. It begins:

Why are you so upset, Miss, I'm just here to do my job.

Right, I get that. But LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR JOB, MR. BELL TECHNICIAN. On Tuesday, someone was here, spent half an hour checking EVERY SINGLE JACK IN MY APARTMENT, and by checking I don't mean waved some magic stick to check the signal, I mean RIPPED THEM RIGHT OFF THE WALL AND PLAYED AROUND WITH THE WIRING, MOVED AND UNPLUGGED MY ENTIRE COMPUTER/MODEM/ROUTER, and did pretttttttttty much everything you're about to do so DON'T WASTE BOTH OUR TIMES, OKAY? The issue is in the goddamn wire room downstairs, that's what the last technician said, that's where the problem was last time, and that's where I placed the service request for when I called you to begin with. My superintendent already knows to let you in, so please just go THERE and do your job, thanks.

Well, Miss, even if I do that, I need you to be here and I need access to your unit to check if it worked. It'll take 45 minutes to an hour, maybe more. Call your boss and tell her you're going to be late.

I'm NOT taking MORE time off work. I've already taken WAY too much time off work for problems that DID NOT NEED ME TO BE HERE AT ALL. So I'm going to work pretty much RIGHT NOW and that's the end of it.

So what do you want me to do then? I can leave right now, but that's not going to fix your problem. There's no point in checking your wire room without access to your unit--

DID YOU NOT HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?!? The problem's NOT in my unit. Believe me. Not only did your colleague come by Tuesday and do this but I SPENT A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK GOING THROUGH THIS EXACT SAME PROBLEM when my Internet was "hooked up" to begin with a few weeks ago. I may not be a fancy-pants electrician but I at least know the issue is in the wire room. That's where it was last time, and we've already checked extensively to make sure that's where it is this time, so please go check the wire room.

What do you want me to do then? I mean, I can go to the wire room and see what I can do and I can check if it works remotely but if it doesn't, then the problem is in your unit and I'll close the ticket since you're not going to be at home to continue the job and you'll have to open another ticket and be at square-one...

YES. YES. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO. GO TO THE WIRE ROOM, LET ME GO TO WORK, AND FIX THE PROBLEM WHILE I'M AWAY. I GUARANTEE YOU THIS WILL WORK OUT FINE. THAT IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR THE LAST FIVE MINUTES. PLEASE GO. But before you go, please leave me with your employee number, phone number, and a confirmation that you actually showed up today so if this ticket needs to get open, I have paperwork that documents it all.

Finally, the technician grumbled, wrote his work order information or whatever, and went to the wire room. I finished getting ready for work (and at this point, was a half hour late to work), went to the wire room on my way out of the building, made sure he was actually there and didn't just skip out on the job (you can tell how much I trust technicians).

TWENTY MINUTES LATER (NOT 45-60 minutes later), the technician calls me to report that it was a simple fix in the wire room, he's checked remotely and I should be online now. It takes my full restraint not to say "I TOLD YOU SO".

We'll see when I get home what else has gone wrong but theoretically, this issue should now be resolved. Cross your fingers, but don't hold your breath.

Silly News

The only story I read today worth sharing was about a couple whose 15 children and 33 grandchildren are all named Walter . Silliness...